A German Flag Cake

Of all the traditional German cakes, the most traditional must surely be the German Flag Cake.


What better way to thank the kind Germans who accommodated myself and my housemate for our first homeless Berlin days than with the classic edible celebration of all things German.

Recipe for German Flag Cake

A German Flag cake, as with most, though not all, flag cakes, is a three part cake, or Tryptic. The three cake-parts most usually included are as follows:

1. Black (brown) stripe- Chocolate Cake
2. Yellow (orange) stripe- Citrus Bonanza Cake
3. Red (red) stripe- Red Ingredient Cake

Recipe for Chocolate Cake: Bake a chocolate cake.

Recipe for Citrus Bonanza: Bake a normal cake. Add zest of a handful of lemons during making phase.

Recipe for Red Ingredient Cake: Bake a normal cake. During making phase add a red ingredient of your choice. I find that a red fruit ingredient such as cherries or red berries works best. I find that a red non-food ingredient such as red wax works least well. I would rate other red ingredients such as red meat and red cabbage as intermediates.

After baking all three cakes, assess. Using a knife, or depending on final density of the cake, chisel, remove any obvious burned parts. Aim to burn a maximum of two out of the three cakes.

Align your cakes in the correct order. Take great care during the aligning phase as incorrect alignment could lead to the creation of a Belgian flag cake, something no German would ever wish to receive.

Now ice the cake.

Recipe for Chocolate Icing: Make chocolate icing.

Recipe for Citrus Bonanza Icing: Make icing, but use lemon juice, perhaps from the handful of lemons you zested earlier, instead of water. Include the zest of a handful more lemons, oranges, or whichever other citrus fruits you have lying around you at the time.

Recipe for Red Icing: Use jam.

Your cake should now look something like this:

Congratulations, you have made a German Flag Cake.


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